Baby rabbits. save or leave them to natures hand?

2016-06-17 23:44
I want to save 4 baby rabbits cause I never see the mom. but idk if I should leave them be
REMEMBER, ONCE YOU EVEN TOUCH ONE OF THE BABIES, The mother will not come back. It knows they are tainted with human scent. You also must know exactly how to take care of them.
Leave them! They are better suited to survive in the wild, than in captivity. I know this, my daughter tried this years ago, with very bad results.
Leave them. It's unlikely that you're watching twenty-four hours a day, the mother is likely taking care of them when you're not looking. Don't fuss over them or you'll be in her way.
even if you had unlimited resources to take care of them,taking baby bunnies out of the wild isn't good. nature can seem cruel to us,but it's just how it needs to be.
Leave them! A mother rabbit will only visit her babies twice a day to feed them. She does this because her size will draw negative attention to her babies. The more she stays away the safer the babies are from predators. She will only visit them to feed them and that's all. Leave them be...the mother is probably doing her motherly duties without you seeing her.
Save them.
Leave them. If you came across the baby bunnies by chance the mother got scared and is hiding out. She will return once she feels safe again. The moms never just abandon their babies as some people mistakingly believe. If you are certain that something happened to mom ( like you saw another animal kill her) then I would take the baby bunnies to a wildlife rescue. If you're not sure if there is one in your area, call the local vet. They will direct you. Good luck!
Leave them to nature's hands, because as nature will have it, they may actually be reunited with their mom... If you were to take them, they would most likely never get the chance...
It would be nice to save their lives if they are starving to death. But, how do you know for sure the mom is not around? It would be a shame to take them away from her if she was still taking care of them.

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