Why do guys say that makeup is "false advertising"?

2016-06-16 23:31
do they view women as products or something? why would they think makeup was for them anyway?
Because it's like putting on a false face, hiding the true you.
I have never heard a guy say that, but I generally don't wear a lot of makeup. I have heard a guy tell me he wouldn't date a blonde though. His reasoning was most had bleached their hair. To him that made one of the first things you notice about a person a lie. I thought that was a bit harsh.
That's what I don't understand, even when I KNOW there will be no guys where I'm going, I still like to look somewhat decent. I take the "false advertising" thing as very rude, because apparently he thought he was dating a supermodel, until she took her makeup off. (To any guys reading this, don't get butthurt, I know not all of you are like this)
because its not what you really look like. I am pretty sure they don't view women as products. I've seen some celebrities that put on makeup and when they take it off they are drop dead ugly.

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