Why do guys like boobs so much? I dont understand :( I have very small ones myself, how can I make them bigger? Im 15 bt

2016-06-15 18:28
I dont want perverts on here making comments, I want someone to explain what on earth goes through a guys head? Why can't they just like girls for their personality?
guys like boobs so much because they see them as something to play with "funbags" as what some guys say. there are guys out there that do care about personality you just have to look in the right places. and i dont think there is any natural way to make them get bigger unless you gain a lot of weight but it wont be just your breasts it will be your whole body.
My sister is a doctor & there r some natural ways but they r not guaranteed; Foods: Soy Products, Dairy, Sunflower Seeds, Spices & Herbs, Beans & Peas, Brown Rice, & Fruits & Greens. You should avoid caffeine, alcohol, & carbonated drinks. No junk food!! Get lots of sleep. Drink LOTS of water. Get exercise. & there is a breast enhancing massage. Hope this helps!!!
Because they don't have them and they're jealous cuz boobs are friggin majestic. I don't think you can really get bigger boobs other than gaining weight... U could talk to your doctor though and see if there's anything you could eat that would help with that.
Not to be rude, but asking a question like this on here is only asking for trouble and opening you door to trolls. So if i was you ask your mom
You probably think that boobs are really important now but when you mature and other boys will to then will see everything past the boobs and butt and look at personality!! Good luck

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