I've had up and down grades all through high school, but I want to become a general surgeon. What do I do?

2016-06-15 13:11
I am capable of any and all work that needs to be done in order to reach a goal. Unfortunately, I've allowed personal home life issues to affect my school work for many years. I've always been told by my teachers, friends and relatives that I am a very intelligent person just as well I can consider myself one, though I will admit that I don't know everything, obviously. But if I need or want to know something, I have no problem learning it.At the moment I am a 17 high school senior and have no idea what to do about going to college to become a general surgeon and how to pay for it all. Please help!
Don't let home life issues intrude on your studies and talk to your guidance counselor about going to school to become a general surgeon.
The best thing about your dream is your high school grades won't stop you from completely from becoming a surgeon. Med schools only look at your college grades, so if you have decent enough grades to get into a four year college, then you essentially get a clean slate to start again. The important thing is to work hard in college to get good grades and build a good resume with volunteering and extracurriculars. However, worry about getting into college first, go talk to your guidance counselor about scholarships and student loans and what school you should consider. If you truly want to be a surgeon, be prepared to work hard.
dont stop driming
Work hard in in life, everything should just flow together!
Focus your energy & efforts towards your goal. Work hard and refuse distractions. Figure out ways to not buy into drama at home or elsewhere. Counseling is great if you can get it & will use it. Especially learn about codependency, which can suck you dry... it's often a family thing. Efforts to help others who should be doing for themselves waste your resources that you'll need to use to build your future. And your efforts often aren't appreciated anyway. Be a stickler for getting your studies & assignments done on time from now on. Find ways to learn more about the topics related to becoming a surgeon... like reading medical journals at the library. The librarian can help you discover interesting ones that are read by professionals. That can give you an edge on being current with new research, trends, & techniques, plus help you evaluate your choice of career & fine tune it to suit your interest & abilities. Aim for college success, starting now. High school grades matter. So do the choices of classes you take. Get help from your guidance counselor in choosing, but don't stop there. Go to the library and see what books are available on college preparation... be realistic, too. Choose schools that you have a better chance of succeeding in. Can you afford the one you want or should you start at a smaller, closer college and transfer later to med school you can afford. Factor into things the long term cost of student loans. What good is it to get so deep in debt for school that your earnings might never let you catch up? Aim for specific goals when you can, to better measure progress, to direct your energies, and you'll find achieving them will motivate you to continue. You can refine direction based on pertinent results. It's a long haul, but if you are cut out for the work, it's worth the extra effort of preparation and choosing carefully how to arrive.

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