I have a spooky Arabian mare(horse), and she is having trouble with keeping her head down. What can I use to help ?!

2016-06-13 15:34
She is very flexible in her neck and whole body. But I only use a simple D snaffle bit. She is very sensitive to things. I have tryed using martingale but she reared on the standing and is too cooped up on the running! I don't know if I should change the bit to something better. But I have to do somthin her head is so high up she has been hitting me in the chest with the top of her head. Thanks
Horses are made to be spooky, and bits are not needed, they are a cheat. You have to give the horse a comfortable enviroment... I suggest you watch videos from a channel called 'horseawareness', I've learned everything from him.
Tie down

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