What captures attention most in stories?

2016-06-12 07:18
I'm writing a book on Wattpad, and some pointers would really help. What captures your attention most and how can I improve my writing?
In my opinion, adding a little humor to your story can lighten the mood and attract more readers...everybody likes a little laugh here and there. Always make sure you proofread or re-read your story before you publish it onto Wattpad, because sometimes when you're writing, you can make silly little mistakes without catching it the first time. You might also want to try adding some suspense to your story. Maybe end some of the chapters with a cliff-hanger. It'll give the story some energy and will have your readers excited about the next chapter! If you're looking to add more detail to your story, a good way to go about doing so is by using something called personification. This is when you give inanimate objects realistic characteristics. For example;"The leaves danced their way down the street."Leaves don't really dance, but when you use words like this, it helps to give the reader a better visualization of what's going on and it definitely adds to the interest of your story.I hope I could help!
Well what gets my attention is something big to happen, like an accident or something. Bring it in with a bang then bring your story from there :)
use good detail as if it seems like i could vision it.
alot of suspense building up to a climax is tbe universal structure for anything entertaining, but it is what must be read multiple times with thousands of meanings, that are apparent and very hidden in thought that draws my attention
a twist in the story some love in it that gets me
Drama, anger, fighting, and evil. Don't put too much happy into it, just at the beginnings and ends and maybe in the middle.
Details & stuff that I can relate too can catch my attention. Just use a lot of imagery & use descriptive words.. Also be personal, use everyday situations that everyone can relate too!! Good luck!

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