Furnace help: therm is calling for heat, makings clicking(?) noises before it fires up for only 5 seconds, continues to

2016-06-11 01:38
I don't know if clicking is the best word to describe what it does. The blower is running, after about a few seconds it will make a squeak. After the squeak a few more seconds will go by and it will make a clicking noise then it will whoosh and fire up. It only stays lit for 5 seconds max before quitting and trying again in a few minutes. (also sorry if this isn't in the right category)
Sounds like a bad thermo couple. Call a repair, quickly, before it gets any colder
A little more detail please. oil or gas?
Shutting down after successfully firing up indicates a faulty flame sensor. It doesn't know that it ignited, so it shuts off fuel flow to avoid flooding the furnace with fuel.
FirstTry turning off the breaker for 5 minutes ... then turn system back on Have the filter/filters been changed recently?
Soundsl like u have a bad flame sensor or thermocouple as its called in the business
Call a furnace repair company. The clicking is the spark ignition. The fact that it shuts down after the whoosh suggests an over temperature control issue. I don't think it is actually going over temperature if the fan is running but a sensor might have failed. Don't try to fix it yourself as it is Gas and you don't want to blow up your house.

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