what is the best was to study lines for theatre?

2016-06-10 04:18
I'm in theatre and its my first play where I actually talk, but we're out of school for 5 days this weekend so our theatre teacher expects us to have it all memorized soon. also what are some good techniques to cause you not to completely freak out? I love theatre and I'm proud to say that I'm a theatre geek, but I'm freaking out a bit.
Think of key words, phrases, identify with experiences
For memorizing the lines you picture the words in pictures in your head. Thinking of the key words or ideas helps too. Shanking my hands helps me to not freak out when I speak in front of people. Once you rehearse with your peers, you should be just fine. Good luck! :)
No reason to freak. Everyone has butterflies and that can be positive. Practice in front of a mirror. Try having your parents or friends practice with you. Remember, they are just as nervous as you. Shine on

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