What's it like working 12 hour shifts?

2016-06-08 18:48
This summer I might work at the place called Quad Graphics. The required shifts are 12 hours long, but you make 10 an hour and you get to pick your own schedule. I'm trying to make as much money this summer for school so It would be a good opertunity. I've never had to work that long before. The longest I've worked was 8 hours at my current job and that kind of sucked.
When in college I worked a lot of doubles on my summer job to make more money. Sixteen hour shifts were not too bad if you keep thinking about the money
If you're doing something like 3 or 4 days of 12 hour shifts, it's not bad but it's a bit stressful on your work days. You don't have much time for anything else on those days. BUT you get a longer "weekend" so it's a tradeoff.
You have to make sure you have well spaced out breaks (besides the required meal break) and make sure you eat a good snack during those breaks - even if it is just a granola bar. If you are doing tedious labor, hours 10 through 12 are very rough since your brain is fried. If you doing something interesting, then it becomes more of an exhaustion issue with your body - but you can train yourself over time to get more "fit" for the job at hand.
This might help: The money will help your life style, but are you ready for the stress? It depends on you.

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