I'm skinny but it looks like I'm losing my stomach curves? Could ab workouts do this?

2016-06-07 09:36
My curves are the only thing on my body that really gives me confidence so I'm really curious to why I might be losing them.
I had this too before I started track. I now have a 4-pack :) working on 6. Try crunches, planks, pull ups, push ups, and just overall pushing your self :) you can do it, just believe in yourself!
My sister used to work-out a lot before and as a result she began to lose her curves what she began to do is she used one of those belts that doesn't have the loops but rather the rectangular metal buckle that you can tighten as much as you want and tightened it a little each time she worked out to keep her curve in check
@bbasileox Of course the ab workouts do this.

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