Every time I play my harmonica, my dog goes crazy. He whimpers loudly, and barks in a very high pitched bark. What's go

2016-06-07 09:23
stop it? Also he is a boy, and a mix of catahoula and husky.
I bet he thinks it sounds like howls and is trying to communicate. That's why dogs howl when they hear sirens.
He is singing to the music!
Dogs can hear a wider frequency range than humans ... so maybe it is hurting him ... or he's singing along.
My dog hates anything non living that makes a noise. I thought it was kind of funny until I brought a didgeridoo out, my dog was so scared he urinated everywhere. I figured out why he doesn't like kids..., because they like making noises with stuff.your dog could just be confused or trying to join in.
You're howling, he's joining in. Plus it hurts his ears, remember a dogs hearing is a LOT more sensitive then yours.
Dang, Prince Char, everyone's a critic, even dogs. He's obviously hearing something in there that your ears just aren't equipped to handle. Dogs have a much wider range than humans. It may be very painful for him or, on the other hand, he might be singing along. You're going to have to decide that for yourself but my money is on painful.
Some sounds just drive a dog crazy! Sometimes it's a siren or a loud radio. I know when I play music that my hound barks and howls. I don't think you can stop it. It's not hurting him, it's just that dog's hearing is so acute that some sounds just bother them or he's trying to sing along. Nothing to worry about as just about all dogs do it.

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