Any ideas of poems to write? I write alot of them but i did so much of them that i ran out of ideas...

2016-06-07 00:25
Ideas like : love, frendship, sadness, hapiness, etc.
Write a poem about how it feels to run out of ideas.
right now,there's a popular trend to write about random ordinary and often times over -looked things. a simple leaf on the ground, a used coffee cup blowing in a parking lot. the list is endless. you just have to look.
You could write one about how the mythical creature known as the Alot shows up a__________space__________lot.Anyway, why not write one that does social commentary? Come up with story with characters and events that symbolize a social or political issue, and write it as a long free verse poem.
Nature like you feel connected the nature and the trees and plants are speaking to you in a silent way. If you havent done that it would be good for a new poem. Romanticist were connected with Nature. =)

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