What should i do about the guy that i like?

2016-06-02 13:50
So i like this guy a lot and he has a gf. he started to talk to me first and he messages me all the time telling me im beautiful and perfect and wishes we were more but has this gf that he cant help but love a but she treats him like shit and breaks up with him for stupid shit. i think i might actually love this boy. he is everything i ever thought i could ask for in a man. i know i should probably forget him but its an impossible act. i know a lot of people say to forget about him and that he isnt a good guy but i know him well and she is a very sweet and caring individual. I dont know what to do about the whole situation.
Here we go again.......
What you should do to win this guy who is already seeing another woman is to make friends with him and make sure you create a lot of time to be with him. You should ensure that you outsmart his current girlfriend in everything you do to this man.
I know how you fell just get his number and just tell do you think we should be freinds then if he says yes then say cool then tell him
First of all, no guy is going to make his current relationship out to be good when he's trying to do dirt. If he said everything about his girl was great you wouldn't flirt with him because you would feel like a home wrecker (which you are). He should be responsible enough to end his current relationship before starting another one. And it doesn't say much about you if you're willing to be the other girl, regardless of the quality of his relationship. You have to love yourself more than you love him. And you do that by letting him know that you are worth his full attention and you deserve to be with a guy who is going to be faithful to you. Although, you may want to be wary with this one because he may be great friend but he sounds like the every day, run of the mill, say whatever I need to say to get what I want, DOG. Smarten up and don't end up being just another girl.

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