Was I sexually assaulted

2016-06-01 22:22
went to the city with my friend&her friends from school. She knew them all except one - her friend's cousin. He was nice at first but then was a jerk to everyone. We were drinking but I never got drunk, just tipsy. My friend's friend was flirting with me the entire night. We even kissed. I wasnt planning to stay in the hotel but my friend&i figured it was the responsible thing instead of traveling late. the guy I was flirting with had gotten so mad at his cousin that he had to have a talk with him so said he would meet us at the hotel. My best girl friend&I shared a bed&I fell asleep. It was 4am when everyone was asleep that I woke up to being fingered&kissed. It took me a few secs to finally wake up&hadn't even opened my eyes yet. he told me to turn around to face him. He didn't stop, I finally opened my eyes to the face of the stranger who was being a jerk all night. I jumped up and loudly said no I tried to lay back down unsure of what had happened&he wouldnt stop touchin me (in a cuddling manner.I think). I jumped up again&screamed stop which apparently everyone in the room had heard but didn't know what was going on. I moved away from him&he was kicked out in the morning
any unwanted contact down there by another person is considered sexual assualt. your just lucky you weren't drunker than you were. it could have been so much worse. be careful and seriously think about filing a report with the police.
Absofreek'nlootly .. Yes, that is an assault .. He touched you, and continued to touch you without consent .. Exact definition of being assaulted.
I would say yes. What a freakin creep
Yes, you were sexually assaulted. There is something seriously wrong with that guy. I'm not the type to say everything is sexual assault, if your in a relationship with someone and wake up to that then maybe creepy but not assault. This was assault and I would call the police or at least tell your friend what happened and get the heck away from anywhere that creep is
Yes u were report him
Absolutely. That was a despicable act by a wretched person. You must, MUST file a police report. Just think, if he believes in his sick, twisted mind that he is able to get away with something like this, next time (yes, there WILL be a next time) he will believe that he can even further take advantage of a female. I am really sorry that this happened to you. Please do file a police report. Do not let him intimidate you. You are string. Let's get this guy locked up! Keep us posted!

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