Why do i still have a lingering cough even though my cold passed a month ago?

2016-05-28 13:03
So i had a cold back in January, and ever since then I've had this lingering cough. It's on and off, but i'll start coughing at least once everyday. I've tried everything but it won't go away. I'm a bit worried.
Might be if you smoke
Maybe it's the dry weather. Sometimes when the air is dry and when it's cold outside, I notice that many people cough (even if they aren't sick). However, if it's not cold when you live, then maybe try a cough drop. Hope this helps! :)
It's nothing to worry about it might just be because the weather sometimes coughs take a little while to go
Not to scare you, but having a cough that long you would need to get it checked out. Don't wait like my father did back in 2010. After my mom told him back in the summer that year to go see a doctor and he didn't. Well we found out his cough was the start of lung cancer (and he never smoked) which the nagging couch had been around for some months before then mom ask him to go see a doctor. He also had swelling in the face and neck and no where else on the body. It was crazy. But now I know not to put stuff off when it comes to your body and health. So if you haven't seen your MD do so please.
std get checked out
Could be post nasal drip. Do you have allergies by any chance?

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