Why do people pick on me?

2016-05-27 10:42
Im in high school, im not the most talkative person but i help some of them and yet i still get pick on... i thought suicide a few years back.
They pick on you because they have nothing better to do. It is the sad truth. Do not let their words beat you down. I got picked on throughout high school, and my best friend did too. I chose to be a better person out of it, and I did not let their words hurt me, instead I hope to become their boss one day. However, my best friend allowed those words to hurt her and I was there to help her through the time in her life when she though suicide was the answer. It is never the answer, you could become the next Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs. You are the most important person in your life and I promise, it will get better. It won't happen over night, it may take a little while. But it always gets better.
High school is the low point of your life. You are surrounded by people with increasing energy but no training in how to act like adults; they are forced to pretend to be children. Your education comes to a standstill except for algebra, and you probably have a lousy teacher for that. Take classes at the community college if you can. Take acting classes and concentrate on vocal skills such as story telling or public speaking. That will improve your earning power more than any other detail.

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