Whats a good dog that would get along with a pitbull?

2016-05-25 15:28
my dog is a pitbull and shes very sweet. shes never bitten anyone or any other dog but i dont wanna take my chances. we (my family) are thinking of another dog. whats a good breed that gets a long with other dogs well?
Another pit bull! or golden retriever or maybe a Labrador...
My corgi gets along great with my moms pitbull.
Pits get along with most any other dogs.
As someone who trained police/military K-9's, I would have to say that it all depends on how alpha your current dog is. You don't want 2 alpha dogs. Labs are a very poor breed. Statistically they bite more people and other animals then any other breed. They are seen as "cute and goofy" so they go under prosecuted.I would suggest taking your dog to a dog park or regular park and see how well it interacts with other pooches. Also try a get another dog with a similar temperament. keep in mind what gender you will get as well. that can make a difference too. unfortunately it is sometimes a trial and error thing. hope this helps. good luck

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