how many bibles versions are there and why?

2016-05-21 12:31
why was it changed everytime?
I do not know the exact number, but I would assume 1000's, it all started with the council of Nicaea in the 3rd century, Eusebius assembled the first bible just after that, then St. Jerome did the LXX soon after, Cirius of Jerusalem did another one, from there the lines get blurred. However the full canon was established in the 16th century, and then the protestants decided to change it, then you get others that translate this word or that to support their beliefs and change the bible and do some reasoning to excuse why they did it..
they are over 80 bible versions so that people could understand the bible better
well it might be due to the different languages
Personally I think some are easier 2 under stand
Bible is expired , so read the Quran you will be guided :)
I don't know how many there are, but it's a lot. Some of them are translations (more true to the original languages) and some are paraphrases (not as accurate, but some say more readable). Many Bible scholars find the New International Version (NIV) to be closest to the original languages.The reason it's gone through so many changes is partly just because of language changing over time (compare the King James to the New King James to the NIV), partly because of Biblical scholarship (the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls caused some revisions), partly just because different groups of scholars have translated things differently.
Before the year 1881 you could read mainly the King James Version. But since 1881, new translations have been printed. Some people believe that modern bible versions make significant changes in the text. Others believe that textual changes in the modern translations do not affect major doctrine. You can always cross-reference. It also depends on what you are taught. My advice is to study, look up, and ask questions until you understand what you believe. If there are no clear answers yet to what you believe then at least you would have gained some more information on the topic. The different bible versions I believe where made so others could break things down into easier learning. Here is one website that may help you with information. This is one article explaining about different bible versions.

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