How long should you wait to ask someone out when they just got dumped yesterday

2016-05-20 13:56
so this guy i've been friends with for a year now just got dumped by his girlfriend. i like him. he's not over her yet. they just broke up yesterday. how long should i wait to ask him out?
i don't know how long someone should wait to ask, but they say one who gets out of a relationship should wait to date again for at least 6 months or until they stop thinking about the one they were with so when they get into another relationship they don't bring the bad things they looked at in the other. i hope this will you.
It is hard to give a specific time but this will be determined by how he takes the whole situation. Try to help him and keep in mind it is not the end of it. You can give him company and do not push him to get over it. Support him as a friend and ou can also call him out with his friends to cheer him up.
Don't ask him out if he's not over her. He might say yes to try to get over her, and he might say no because he still has feelings for her. Neither of these would be real. So wait until he realizes that she's not worth it, then ask him out. It might take a little while, but it will be worth the wait.
Some of the couples that barely got dumped also just don't want to hurt your feelings & say yes . I had this issue & I went out with my BEST guy friend when I barely broke up with my ex . It was really hard for me to get him out of my mind knowing that we had sooo many good memories together . Instead I broke up with him & told him the truth about me still liking my ex. we're going back out again but it's very hard for someone to let go of the person they really love , so just give him some time to get over her & then talk to him about you & him being or at least trying to be a couple :)
i feel for you. i have the same issue just wait it out
You should wait a little while because you don't know what was going on in that relationship

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