Why do some married men flirt?

2016-05-20 11:37
I have a girlfriend and her husband is always flirting with other women even me.I told him he should have some respect for me and his wife and he just
Laughs and thinks it;s funny. he does it all the time and it hurts my dear friend and makes me sick to be around him. He thinks he;s really cool. Can any one help me to put this man in his place ones and for all. Thank You.
Because they are idiots
This husband knows flirting upsets his wife and still does it.Its different if it didn't bother her. he sounds insecure,and shows no respect to you as her friend.he sounds like a real creep
Help you put this man in his place once and for all?Wear a sheet and burn a cross in his yard... Jesus, listen to yourself. Exactly where is his "place"?
My hubs and I both flirt. We're married, not dead. Why do you feel it necessary to put him in his place? He's not your husband. If your friend doesn't do anything about it, then it must not be a big enough issue for her, so stop making it one for you.
The reason why some married men flirt with other women is because they are bored and flirting gives them a kind of thrill. There is nothing you can do to him to make him change considering his wife knows and she has done nothing to stop the behavior.
I would put him in his place by giving him a bit of his own medicine! I would flirt just like he does and carry on as if it was ok pretty soon he'll start to feel hurt and understand why she sees it as a big deal
You cant change evolution in 2000 years!

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