How do I tell my friend that she can't really wear my clothes?

2016-05-20 03:24
My friend isn't exactly the same size as me. She's a little bigger than me and she's always asking if she can borrow my pants and stuff. I don't know how to tell her that she can't. I've told her I don't let people borrow my stuff and she gets all mad and says that I should just allow her to borrow it. What's another way to tell her no?

And I really don't let people borrow my stuff anyways...
I too dnt like giving away my clothes to anyone. Jst tell ur friend clothes are personal and not meant to b shared.
Just tell her the truth and she should understand if she finds out by sumone else they miggt make fun if her if she gets mad she wasnt a true friend. (like this if this helped)
just tell her that your not the same size dont say that shes bigger just say u cant borrow my clothes cause we are not the same size
Use your mom as a fall guy...tell her your mom said you are not allowed to lend your stuff out.
When she asked to borrow your clothes, say no. That should cover it.
Try stating it in a different way. Tell her you prefer not to share clothes for personal hygiene reasons and because your very picky. Also because your mom works hard to buy your clothes and you do not want them to get damaged or lost.
straight up
In certain situations it's just best to blame yourself (profusely)... what can they do? Ex: I'm so so sorry; I'm really weird about sharing. I've just never been good at it. Hope you can forgive me. I know it's kinda rude. I'm still working on it though. Sorry... again. (Try it... it works.)
Just say no. Practice saying it. "No more wearing my clothes... It was fun for a while but now it confuses me. The things I want to wear sometimes are not in my closet. I need my stuff back or my mom will get mad."

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