What all can an iPod do?

2016-05-19 20:25
is it like a phone were you pay every month for it...tell me about it all the details please:)
An iPod touch is like an iPhone except for the iPhone features, but that doesn't mean you can't talk and text there are different apps you can use for that. You don't really have to pay every month for an iPod unless you have internet that you intend to use with it if you want to use wi-fi, which will allow to go to the internet and more. For this to work you need a wireless router or a mobile hotspot compatible with the iPod. There are different types of iPod's some aren't like the touch. More like advanced MP3 players.
Its not a phone you pay once for it nothing monthly if you buy apps and songs that adds money. An iPod can play songs and maybe some games that come with it. An iPod touch can play songs, play games, go on the internet (you need wifi), have apps, and many more things. It depends on what type of iPod you get.
Ok its exactly what the first person said but what u want to do is jailbreak the ipod so u can get free app and free inapp purcheses you can also add very awesome themes and tweaks. If u are going to jail break it use the softwear (greenposi0n)

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