I'm a 15 year old guy and recently I've had some problems with my knees please read details.

2016-05-19 02:54
Probably 5-6 weeks ago I started to get really bad pain on the inside of my knees. It has gotten better, but it still bothers me some usually when I'm active,but also at random times. I've never had any problems there before, but when it hurts It's awful to bend my knees at all and it hurts to walk.I'm really active and in shape so it's not from being overweight. I don't know what's going on and will this go away over time?
If there is no other reason you might have an orthopedic problem. You legs are not standing right which usually comes out as knee pain. The reason can vary for instance the most generic reason is flat feet. Either way it won't necessarily go away in a healthy way and it might get worse. You need to see an orthopedist. He will either tell your problem right away by looking or ask for an X-Ray. Usually you'll be fine if you do some correct exercises.There might be a few other reasons too but you should rule out the orthopedic causes first.
Anything from growing pains to injury. I would start with moderate exercises that strengthen the muscles around the knees. And see how that goes

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