How do i get my crush to like me.....again? o.o

2016-05-15 18:05
My crush use to like me..he use to touch my face and call me his beautiful queen and text me and play with my hair and always hug me... but one day my friend asked him why dont he just ask me out.. he said becuz he remembered that i said i had a boyfriend (i did) but after that i broke up with my stupid bf to be with him but i never told him that and now he barely talks to me anymore... idk if he still likes me.. :( i really love.. i mean.. like him :((( what should i do? :/
got straight up and tell him how you feel and if it doesnt work out then you can still be friendsif it was meant to be then it will happen
Hang out with him more and become really close friends first and see our he starts liking you again
Give her the D
I have the same problem :( and now the guy doesn't even talk to me he acts strange now ;(
You should try to impress him or find out what you and him both like

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