What are some jobs in the music industry (besides musician) and what does one do in that job?

2016-05-15 01:01
I want a job in the music industry (and my piano teacher wouldnt have it any other way anyway lol) but just diving in there being like "Hey! give me a recording contract!" is pure folly. I want some other job first to learn the ways of the industry and establish some connections if I ever do decide to try and become a professional musician. I'm going to college in two or three years so I need to start thinking about jobs and stuff.
You could become a music teacher
Producer - creative leader and coordinator, Recording Engineer - operates soundboard, Asst. Engineer - In charge of mixing and recording, Production Assistant - Contracting talent and scheduling, Studio Manager - Record label owner, CEO or LLC owner, Sound Technician - Responsible for tweaking settings for HQ sound, Acoustic Consultant - Responsible for studio design and acoustics for individual artist, Audio Engineer - Responsible for synchronizing and equalizing audio tracks and playback, Mastering Engineer - Responsible for post-production mixing, sound effects, final touches and development, Multimedia Developer - formatting and compressing for recording on cd's, Mp3 and Mp4, Studio Technical Engineer - An electrical engineer who maps and wires studio for various setups.

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