How can I lose weight really fast by diet?

2016-05-14 18:21
I just want to lose faster no rude answers please
I have found when I go on a no carbs diet I loss weight fast and can eat more. For example I eat Chicken (never fried) Turkey lots of salad and cheese (all I want of each I listed). Drink lots of water, good luck to you.
To lose weight fast, you're going to not only have a healthy diet, but work out as well.Diet: Eat very small portions often. A meal should be about the size of your fist and you should eat about 8 times a day. Eat things like fruit, eggs, a sandwich, etc. Avoid energy drinks, pop, oil, butter, "treats", etc. Drink milk and water. Make sure that if you drink juice that it's not loaded with sugar (most is)Exercise: Go on walks, jogs, or runs. Runs will obviously give you faster results. Whatever you do though, stay active and keep your heart pumping for at least 30 minutes a day 5+ days a week. You can do other workouts too. Using an elliptical, crunches, squats, lunges, etc. work well also. Any questions just comment. ^_^
The only answer to this is to eat a well portioned, well balanced diet and exercise for 30 minutes a day.
20 minutes of intense cardio a day.a glass of water before and after each meal.quit eating processed foods.
Drink lots of water the first 2 days to cleanse your system. Then; Exercise well, and count your calories. 2800 daily in while burning 1800 per day, spells trouble.... Better; 2000 in and burning 2800 daily will help you lose and stay a loser. (calorie speaking)

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