What terrible weird or funny pet memories do you have?

2016-05-13 12:39
all my fish stories:-/ i killed one by sharing and dumping my juice box into his tank. and i thought sharing was caring. not killing! another fish i had (im not a good fish person) got eaten alive by shrimp. SHRIMP! pore patrick was eaten from the tail up. AND I WATCHED BECAUSE I THOUGHT THEY WERE PLAYING SOME WEIRD VERSION OF TAG!!!!!!!
Not mine, but a friend's adventure. He went and bought a tank, gravel, aerator, all the necessities for his freshwater fish. Thinking the tank needed some adjustment in ambience, he inserted colorful pieces of coral. Within the hour, all the fish were swimming "sideways".
When my dog was a puppy my family and I left we came home and found a trail of stuffing leading to the kitchen table he was gnawing on a stuffed animal.my brothers were spinning my cat in a recliner she jumped of when they were done and ran into a wall:D! Almost died laughing.
Maybe not earth shattering to many but it sure scared me. My brother had a salamander that got loose in our bedroom area. I didn't want to go to sleep! It was not found for days and I think it was found, UNDER A BED! Very dead... Ewwww
Terrible storyOk so I had two little Chinese dwarf hamsters (awww so cute) I guess I should have seen this coming - they are each other (their names were twix and snickers) Terrible storyOkay so I was like 5 and I got a fish - I wanted to hug it. I had it out of its bowl for like 5 mins cuz I wanted to play Fine you deserve a funny story When I wasn't even born my mom had this kitten and every morning sabastion (I honestly don't know how to spell his name) would play in my mom's hair :) but all my stories about sabastion are sad he "Ran away" when I was 6 and a couple weeks ago my friends cat (who was also sabastion) died :( - ok that funny story died You don't need to know any more of my stories about my pets :3but my friend's fish is like this super fish because he's living in 2 in of water that never gets cleaned and the fish almost never gets fed the end - you were so close to being done with my stories - one time I got this ant farm and then I had a sleepover party for my birthday. they were red ants - lets just say I didn't sleep in my room for a week
I got two fish once, and I guess they didn't like me because they jumped out of their tank... Suicidal fish!! >:( My dog once climbed a tree and as he jumped down he impaled himself on a stick rupturing a major artery... He almost died! D: And my favourite one, I scared my cat and he literally rolled down the stairs, got up when he reached the bottom and hit a wall. Pretty funny to see.. ;D
Me and my boyfriends burmese python picked up the scent of bird on me.(i was feeding a dove earlier) .The snake thought it was being sneaky,it slowly opened its mouth and slowly moved towards me.Its teeth got stuck in my shirt,No harm done though :) lol ,You would expect a snake to strike at something like that.
OK here is the best of the best funny pet story. when I was about 5 I lived in the country and had 2 German shepherds that my mom trained to be my baby sitters. Well my uncle came over one day and I ran up to him and he started tickle me and I started screaming "STOP!" Well, they thought I was in trouble and chased him up a telephone pole. He started screaming for me to get mom. I went in the house and told her that Uncle John wanted to see her. She said she would be out in a bit, she was waxing the floor. I went out and told him while he clung for dear life to this creosote telephone pole and my guardians were snapping at his heels. He begged me to go back in and tell her it was important. I did and came back out with mom in tow...she began to laugh hysterically and took another 5 minutes to find the camera to capture the moment!
Here is a terrible one for you, when I was a teen I had 3 pet rats and 4 parakeets. I used to let them all out of their cages. Birds would fly to my hands and eat, rats sat on my shoulder, etc... I thought it was neat. One day I left them all out together and came back later to find a missing parakeet. The RATS ate it... Just a few feathers and feet left. The bad part is these rats became really aggressive after that, and killed another one by pulling its tail feather through the outside of the cage. I came home to a half eaten parakeet in its cage. That one gave me nightmares for a long time. I got rid of the rats after that and still dislike them today.
I ran over my dog with a car did I get sad no
I was 12 when I saw "Night of the Living Dead" for the very first time. I went to bed that night and was awakened by something chewing on my hand and all I saw was 2 eyes. After my earth shattering screams awakened the neighborhood, my mother turned on the light to discover it was a small black kitten.

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