Do you know of any detoxes?

2016-05-12 22:03
My doctor recommended me to do a natural home made cleanse to clean out my system because I haven't been feeling good lately. He didn't give me any recipes though. Does anyone know of any detox/cleanses that help you lose all the extra weight in your stomach in a week or so and make you feel cleaner.
There is a tea called Dandelion/ Yarrow that works wonders. You drink two cups in the afternoon after three, when your liver begins it's cleaning process. It will clean all the toxins out of your body. I take a lot of meds, so it works great for me. You can find it at health stores or google Uriel Pharmacy for their number to order it ! Works great !
Some people just drink lemon water.
yes let's try with this simple methods.1.put small pieces of lime into a cup of warm water. U can put other fruits like strawberry vinegar and add two tea spoon of honey drink more water and eat high fiber foods.

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