My dad isnt letting me grow up. help!

2016-05-12 17:38
So I make 14 year old in 8th Grade. I know on that old but he doesn't trust me with what he should. I really like this guy that is in 9th grade and My dad won't let me date him until I get to High School, and he also hates him for no reason. He hasn't even met him yet. Also one of my best friends to go to the beach with her he's not letting me go because he hasn't met her mom. I keep telling him that you can meet her but he just won't listen, and neither will my mom. they say that they trust me but they obviously dont cause they wont let me do anything. what should I do?
Well i'm 14 too, and my parents are like that but probably a little more, I can't date till 16 and I'm ok with that I mean what's the point of getting your heart broken young. And my parents have to meet the friends parents too. Just set up a time where they can meet, and just breath. Like others said they do trust you but they had to draw a line somewhere. Just try to loosen some of the restrictions just a little.
don't get mad at your dad. he just loves you and wants the best for you. also, dads are normally protective of their daughters. listen to him. your time will come for you to date and go to the beach. (coming from a 9th grader btw.)
hahahahaha well your parents are too over protective of you, just like mine, i'm 17 and my parents havent accepted that i'm growing up yet, they say i'm still there 'baby girl', cause i'm the only daughter they have, dont worry they want you grow up a little bit at a time not all at once
As far as dating goes, he's just trying to protect you. I'm 14 going into ninth grade and my dad is okay with me dating. I never have though and I probably won't for a while because I know that I shouldn't be focusing on boys right now. Especially when you're about to go into high school soon.
Sounds a bit over protective, try having a secerious talk with the parent that gets you most. Hope this helps. Also an 8th grader btw.
Invite friends to your house, that way your parents meet your friends and they can be more comfortable with you hanging out with these people
He's right. Just wait, you'll be in high school in literally 3 months.... As for him not liking the guy, I don't know. It could be that most guys in high school don't want to just be dating. and I have nothing for the last part.
Tell him it's part of life
there over protective..... but at least they care about you!!! :\n
Well I think the problem is there are two different issues going on here. There is a fine line between trust and the restrictions your parents have set. Just because your parents trust you, doesn't necessarily mean they are going to let you do anything you want. Besides, they did say you can date next year, that's not too far away.
Well first off don't hate on your parents because you only get two in your whole life. I'm 15 and over the yearsI have come to realize that for the most part all (good) parents are the same. They aren't overprotective jerks like some other people in the comments have suggested them to be, they are your parents. As their parent it's their job to provide you with a safe and comfortable environment and surround you with people who will have a positive impact on your life. They're are so many crazy people in this world it's good they know where you are and know what your friends parents are like. About the dating thing; you are a little young to be dating anybody I think but definitely have your parents meet him first it is the right thing to do regardless if you're 10 or 18.

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