Is there a way to stop my face from getting so red?

2016-05-11 18:04
theres this boy i like and every time he talks to me i get really red or whenever my friends say his name i get really red and then they point it out and i get even more red. i know i probably can't stop this completely but i was wondering if theres any ways i could use to make it not get as red.
step 1: drain all blood from body to prevent redness.step 2: resurrect yourself like a true magi or jesusstep 3: if steps 1 and 2 dont work, read 50 shades of gray in public. that otta get all the blush out for a while!
its called blushing HARD. ive had that experience before with a girl, and from there on, my name was blusher. so, next time he comes and talks to you, just relax, stay cool
I get that way sometimes when my boyfriend says something that made me blush I know I do that because he sometimes said my face is red or your embarrassed about it... just relax pretend nothing bothering you and stay calm as much as you can
Omg I had the same problem!! I hated it! Be confident!

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