I have no friends...

2016-05-10 22:47
so I always hang out with my bf and his friends bc I feel really attached to my bf and Im always sorta waiting around for him to be available to hang out bc he actually has a life( other than me). he is busy sort of a lot..hes an actor and he is always in the school plays or if not then helping back stage, and he has a lot of friends..so I don't hang out with anyone else but him really:/ how do I make new friends? cause I get REALLY SAD LONELY AND DEPRESSED when he is busy and I can't be with him:( so how do I fix this and make new friends?
have you considered martial arts? i do kung fu and i made a lot of friends there and that helped me get more friends at school, you could also get involved in like a school sport or club
Gee! Just be friendly go out there and make new friends otherwise you will be too emotionally needy
Be open with people. I don't mean go out and tell everyone everything about you, just be yourself and strike a convo. My sister is the same. She had a boyfriend for 2 and somewhat years and she drifted from all her friends. Now she has trouble making new ones. I agree with the other answers, join a club a sport or anything you know people are apart of. If I could be brute about this I think the reason you "lack friends" is because your constantly having with only your bf and when your not with him your not doing anything to make new friends but waiting on him and when he has time. If he's out in the actor world then you should go out to. My sisters bf is the reason why I think she has no friends. Maybe I'm wrong but maybe that's the reason you don't either. Just think about it!
join a club, go to events, get a job
Try opening yourself up and hang out with them
Try to be more social :)

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