My dog is vomiting alot, and seems very depressed and sleepy. What's wrong?

2016-05-10 08:42
My Staffordshire Bull Terrier seems very upset, she's been vomiting a lot. She seems depressed, and sleepy. What's wrong with her? And what shall I do to help her?
You shall take your buddy to the vet, today! They will know what to do.
Get your dog to a vet. I doubt it's depressed, however it sure sounds like your dog is sick!!
Your dog probably has a fever or is sick...Ask a vet about it and see if you can get some pills
You must take your dog to the vet!!!
These symptoms are too generic to make a diagnosis. It is good if she doesn't have a fever, diarrhoea and bloody vomit. The most likely possibility is that she swallowed something that got stuck in her stomach. That happens a lot with dogs and shows symptoms like that. On the other hand she can have an organ related disorder like stomach, pancreas, thyroid, anything. Go to vet, he will just take an X-Ray or do an endoscopy to see her stomach. If negative she'll get a blood test and later maybe an ultrasound.
Take her to the vet. It is obvious something is going on. Give her some ice chips to help keep her hydrated until you see your vet.

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