Is it true if a girl apologizes to jerk for her actions it encourages the guy to be a jerk again?

2016-05-09 17:03
So lets say the guy was a jerk to you, they used you when to hit you up when they were bored and they tried to test the waters (see how far they could get). Say they were are a scum and never knew what they wanted when they talked to you... Then they tell you not to talk to them again eventually. Then the girl starts to think a month later that half of it is her fault they stopped talking (but really it might be more his problem). So the girl apologizes to the guy and tries to patch things up. But the guy says don't talk to me. Does an apology and the way the girl acted encourage the guy to keep the games going (to talk to the girl again, pretend like they are sorry again for being a jerk then pull the same thing)? *I think so and I think in situations like that it always gets worse slowly if the girl lets the guy in her life again* I think it's all a game if the guy says "I told you not to talk to me" cause later they end up pulling the same thing if they know the girl is forgiving of their actions.
Yes. Never positively reinforce negative behaviour! It doesn't do anyone any good.
A 'jerk' typically doesn't need 'encouragement' or 'acceptance' .. They are jerks because they have very poor social skills... and really don't even know how to act around people. Period. Nothing you do or say will change that .. It's up to them to change how they behave.
Well, if that was me, after he said not to talk to him I would've left his sorry butt right then and there. And if he starts tying to talk to me again, I would remind him what he told me. Either way, that guy is total jerk and is seems like he wont even change ..
If he's being a jerk don't apologize EVER. he's cocky and rude and you don't need his apologies to feel better, you just go on and he'll realize what he lost when you're gone.
That is ridiculous. It's not up to you to train someone to behave, and it is silly to apologize when they were bad. Yes that will encourage disrespect and maybe worse.
Never forget when a man is rude and disrespectful, and never apologize for someone else's behavior. If you let them back in to do it again, it makes you needy with no self esteem. Don't become a doormat.

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