How can I keep my phone number active?

2016-05-08 08:46
I have a 202 phone number which I transferred from a land line to MagicJack, the internet phone company. They've raised the price more than I want to pay. I would like to find a way to keep the number so that anyone who calls can leave a recorded message and I will be notified. Or maybe bounce calls to my cell phone. I don't need to call out. I just want to keep the phone number available to leave a message because it's been widely publicized in print material that tends to hang around a long time.
Don't let your phone shut off
If it's not an active number you cannot save it. There is no way to reserve it so that it forwards calls for you for free. Since you do not own any phone numbers and they are simply "lent" to you you will have to find a service you are happy with, and port the 202 over.
You could transfer the number to a cheaper service, perhaps one that charges for calls. I believe by law, you have to be able to transfer a telephone number. Maybe there's some on-line services...

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