Hi! I have this challenge in photography.

2016-05-07 20:15
I'm to photograph cars on a snow and ice circuit, while the drivers are testing their winter tires. My challenge is to try to get a clear shot of the driver inside the car as well as the car and outdoor surroundings. I'm wondering if this is not too hard to do and that my client is asking too much. Do any of you out there have pointers to accomplish this challenge?
have them stop the car and take the picture
Make a collage!
If you have a Nikon you may wanna think about using dynamic area auto focus as well as lighting the interior of the car. I don't know what kit you have so......Maybe set yourself up in a place where the cars will drift, you'll be able to get a more frontal shot of the driver as well as some great action. You'll fit more of the car in your shot to....... maybe.
If you have a client and a business, do it.

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