how can I get my mom to let me go to camp?

2016-05-07 03:09
I went to camp last year and it was the most fun I would usually have during the summer, but my mom won't let me go and she won't tell me why. it's weird cuz I don't have many friends and I get yelled at for not going out during the summer so I don't know what to
Just tell her how much fun you had. She'll be willing to do it again.
tell her about all of the pros of letting you go to camp. only mention a few cons. let her know as many benefits as possible :) good luck.
Tell her that
Just ask, & tell her it's the most fun you ever had & you can meet more friends. I'm 16 a boy, & I've always wanted to go to camp but never did. I don't have many friends either but I have a few friends & at home I'm close with my 2 little sisters & chill with them too. but I would imagine camp would be so much fun & meet more people & friends. Do chores around the house, help her out, do whatever you can to convince her
Try & strike a deal with her, promise you will do a certain amoumt of chores around the house for the permission to go to camp. Mom's hate housework & can always use some help.Good luck!
It's hard to explain how a parent feels to someone who isn't a parent, but when the thought of something bad happening to your kid runs through your mind, it is the worst thought ever...the fear and panic of losing a kid is crippling at sometimes we get a little scared to let go because we are afraid... Just have a nice chat w her and ask her why and if she is afraid... she may open up but that approach is different and isn't so annoying.
Be extra nice to her
Try telling her that it means a lot to you. Don't pressure her too much because she is your mom and she probably has good reasons, but express how you feel and kindly ask her why she wont let you go. There is no way to force her to let you go, but I'm sorry if she wont listen or at least tell you her reasoning.
You should go to camp rock. I hear that Demi Lovato goes there!
Start yelling wtf

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