If i eat nothing but i take biotin supplements will i gain wieght?

2016-05-06 00:03
I am eating nothing cause im water fasting for wieghtloss and im taking biotin because my nails flake of and i dont want the fasting to make it worse
fasting is a no no cut that crap
Not eating makes your body go into survival mode so you store fat and messes up your metabolism. Instead if fasting try eating healthier. Eat lots of fruit and veggies and try not to eat junk food.
not eating will damage your body more than eating like crap. I say maintain a healthy exercised schedule and eat!! the only way your body can function is because of the minerals in food. NOT IN WATER. although water is good for you, not eating will KILL YOU. so get some food in you!!!
You won't get any where.You need to eat healthy and exercise
Okay. This is unhealthy and you wont lose any weight if you don't eat you need to eat meats like fish that have certain anti-acids that help break down fat!! and instead of Just water, PLEASE drink milk also or you will lose fat and your bones will become super weak!!
Just go exercise ! Stop being lazy - and think that all you have to do is diet ! By not eating anything your actually making your body suffer god =.=
well after a certain time of not eating your going to stop losing weight because your body is going to get used to it...
Eating nothing results in three possible ways: weight gain, death, or a life long struggle. Right after your water fast, even if you eat healthily your body will store everything so you'll gain the weight back and more. A water fast can be deadly. Sure you're taking supplements, but you aren't taking in any calories. The only way to get calories is food. Calories are energy which you need to breathe, pump blood...etc... Also, going on a starvation diet is extremely hard to overcome. Physically speaking, your body will have a hard time with digesting foods for years after. Don't even try it, my sister did and she cant eat anymore. She pukes after consuming anything, even water. They have to feed her through a tube at the hospital, every day of her life.
Useless. Your body will store weight and nothing will happen. Be a normal human being like the rest of society and exercise. Stop being lazy.
Eating nothing can make you gain weight because your body goes into starvation mode and any food you ingest will automatically convert into fat. I don't know how the supplements work, so you may want to ask a doctor.
Try the Virgin Diet. You find the book at Walmart. It is working. You eat, but you clean your body in the same time too. You just have to take few foods from your diet for 21 days, you'll feel so much better after.

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