Vaginal red and itching?

2016-05-05 17:23
Over the last weekend [without showering(got a little lazy..)] I have gotten a red hash on my lips. it's really itchy and red. I talked to my mom about it and saying she has gotten it before too from not showering. I have been reading around and it keeps saying it's an infection. is it? can I take anything for it? (I have showered sense then Sunday night, yesterday, and just tonight)
Try Vaseline. If it doesn't improve, you should talk to your doctor. Various infections can cause it. A yeast infection is most likely. The itching is characteristic of yeast. You can get treatment for that over the counter. If it doesn't work, check with your doctor to be sure it isn't bacterial vaginosis or trichomonas. Those infections require prescription treatment.
its the weather you have to keep putting lip balm on so it stays wet not dry I just got it and it finally went away it sucked but dont forget to put the lip balm on and it will go away
Probably just a yeast infection. Get some cream for it at a local drug store.
put some vasoline on (or in) it to help the itching and shower God sakes
This sometimes happens to me, and all I do is take a shower, and put on some Vaseline. It usually helps! And also, something cold (not too cold) will kind of cool down the itching also. If it is more serious, go see a doctor to get it checked out. Hope you feel better!

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