Please help me. I'm confused and scared.

2016-05-05 07:02
I'm wondering if you can have feelings/be in love with someone you barely know. I've never even met this guy and I'm in USA and he lives all the way in Australia but..I think I might be falling for him but I have a boyfriend! I don't know what to do and I'm scared I might fall for him and then have to break my boyfriends heart. I'm scared and need help. Please help me. I don't know if I'm falling for him either but I get really happy just talking to him and he said maybe we shouldn't talk and I just busted into tears. Can someone tell me what it feels like to actually fall in love?
you could have a little crush on him but no way are you in love with him. And as the previous person said you are probably romanticizing this boy into something he's not, the idea of him rather than the actual thing, since you don't even know him that well. If you still like your boyfriend then stay with your boyfriend and don't worry about it.
It sounds like you're in love with the IDEA of the Australian guy, not the actual guy. You may know a little bit about him, but that is not enough to fall in love. It is an infatuation. Keep other boys out of your relationship and focus on your boyfriend that loves you.
Omg. Don't be scared of falling in love with this guy! BE SCARED THAT HE MIGHT BE A 40 YEAR OLD PERV. And don't worry your not in love and you won't for real be in love with this guy. It's just you fantasizing over this "cute aussie boy" and also if you are interested in other guys it means your not satisfied with your own bf. don't go for long distance relationships with someone you haven't even met...
Same with me!! I have a bf and I think I like this kid who's sister I cheer with we txt and stuff but never talked but he's coming to my school next year. It's perfectly fine and k. It's love it's a weird thing don't worry just wait a little longer and see where life takes u. when you fall in love you constantly think about that person. ur afraid to mess up when you talk to them. you see them and smile. you get a text from them and completely flip out

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