How much should i have gotten payed for working this much?

2016-05-03 02:35
so i have been working at an amazon warehouse for 2 weeks now. total i have worked for 66hrs. my normal pay rate is 11.50 an hour. i figure that after all my taxes i should have got about $450-500 after taxes. but i only got about $250. does that seem right?
If you have only been there two weeks that is one week's pay. They hold back one week's pay to give them time to do all the accounting.
Hell na you should be getting at least 300 or 400 dollars
on your check stub it should tell you how many hours it was for you also need to make sure you clock in and out correctly also write down your hours in a notebook everyday so you always have a record of your hours worked if you don't understand just go to the office and have them explain it all to you Iam sure they would be happy to good luck
Are you sure all of those hours were in the same pay period.
Maybe you started in middle of pay period so your check was only for one week and rest fell on next pay period.

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