a game I want requires 250mb of ram and I have 6gb of ram but when I scanned my pc to check if I could run it. it said I

2016-05-02 03:01
why is my ram low when I scanned it? where is this 6gb of ram going to? will I still be able to run it since everything else is good?
well to check how much ram you have go to computer and click system properties and it should tell you how much ram you have. and if you start task manger go to performance and you can see how ram your useing. it will say memory and show some bars and how many gbs of memory your useing
What did you scan it with? I would check your computer properties (Start -> right click Computer -> Properties) It will show you your total RAM installed and usable RAM. It's possible your computer cannot use all your RAM because of OS limitations (32 vs 64 bit)
You may have a lot of ram... But the computer is obviously not allowing the program to use more than 150mb. Go onto settings and allow the program the 100 more you need.

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