Harry potter vs. hunger games vs. twilight

2016-05-01 03:37
even though Harry potters over the hunger games just started and twilight is about to end. which do u think is better . in my opinion the hunger games
Hunger games
hunger games.
Harry potter
Harry Potter has made the most money, most movies, for the entire family. Brings seriousness, smiles, and action. No cheesy stuff, and many characters that one will identify with. The story is very clever, and many grew up with the franchize which will be remembered for a long time.Hunger games, no magic, has action, good movie, just 1 movie. Good but unrelated to harry potter, idk why its in the question.Twilight, we all know its eewww, eeww, cheesy, so cheesy, action a bit... but the cheesyiness of the movie and the eewww makes me not want to watch the movie for when they are fights. Movie not for all the family, not funny, its eeww, and you should go eeww lol
I started with Harry Potter, so I am loyal to that. Although after a while I got tired of reading them, and it took me a while to finish because they kept me from other books.The movies stayed true to the book.The hunger game books are fantastic, I read them eleven times each, but the movie was much unlike the book. By removing Madge, you never know the importance of the mockingjay pin, and therefore you never know the significance of Madge's aunt being in the Hunger games and being Haymitches district member. The twilight was not my favorite of the three.Overall, I would have to vote the Hunger Games because the books are fantastic, and I loved the Roman symbolism through out the the books.I love this question!!!
First- Harry potterSecond- Hunger Games
The Potter games.
Harry Potter. It's one of those books that just moves people

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