I wanted to tell him how I felt about him, but I backed down. Should I tell him?

2016-04-30 07:36
I've known my best friend since the third grade, and I want to tell him how I feel. Should I? What should I say?
OF COURSE YOU DO! you have nothing to lose! Either he feels the same way you do or he doesn't. You only have one life to live. Don't take a chance.. For all you know he could be the love of your life, or your one and only soul mate. LIVE a little fear is the only thing that holds us back:) just be yourself. no matter "how" you tell him it's still words that gotta come out of your mouth. it's gonna be scary and awkward and exciting at the same time but don't pass it up. in a worst case scenario he won't feel the same. but you will never wonder what could have been!
I can't give you a straight yes or no answer. You're gonna have to figure this out yourself but I might be able to help. I had a guy friend that I liked and I always wanted to tell him but I could never get up the nerve. Then he told my BFF that he liked me and she told me and I told her to tell him that I liked him and now that we both know everything is really great :) if your guy has a gf then you probably shouldn't tell him. You may want to ask a friend to maybe ask his friends some questions to figure out if he likes you. If he does then just tell him. If he doesn't I'd hold it in longer. If you really can't hold it in though, just get him alone and say there's something you really want to tell him but you don't want it to affect the friendship. Then tell him. This is the part you have to figure out. Plan what you're gonna say and say it. If he likes you too I wouldn't rush into anything because once you enter an actual relationship it's gonna be harder to go back to being friends if you break up. Figure out if it's something that might actually last forever. I hope I helped! Sorry my answer was so long :p Good luck!!! ;)
I think that it is best to find out first if he is single before you say? Then you could ask him how he feels about you, just to get a sense if there could be something beyond friendship. If you feel it is? Then take it easy. Go on a casual friendly date, then little by little you will get to know if he likes you by the interest he shows in you.
be like i have to tell you something but i don't want it to ruin our friendship ok here it goes i like you im guessing you like him right
You texting is not enough gather all your courage and tell him personally melt all those negative aspects think of positive things
He probably already knows. Is he single? If not I would keep it to myself. If he's free I suggest just going out to dinner, maybe make things a little less friend vibe and more romantic. If he feels the same he'll pick up on it, for sure.I don't know that you really need to verbalize yet. Can you deal with awkward rejection and the possible dissolve or cooling off with the relationship if he doesn't feel the same? How do you think he feels? You have to have some idea.
What is the worst thing he says? I think you must take risks in your life to find out what will happen. I've regretted many times not expressing my feelings towards girls.I think, telling him how you feel might be a good way to tell him that you care for him. However, you have to wait on a good moment to tell him where you feel like your having a deep connection.

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