How do I get the gelding I ride to take the bit easier?

2016-04-27 10:39
He jerks up his head or moves around in the stall. I tie him up, but he clamps his jaws. I've tried sticking my fingers in the gap where the bit goes.
Try a different bit
First just pet him and talk to him and get him very relaxed. Then maybe give him a treat to get him more relaxed. Then put the bit in very slowly. This helped with my mare. :-)
Hook him to the door in the stall so he can't turn. When you get the bit, put it in traditionally and when he acts up, go "Ah ah ah!" and make sure he knows its not in a good way.
Usually this happens if the horse has been hurt by the bit... Too small, burrs that cut or banged in the teeth when being bridled. Untie him and just hold the lead over your arm. Paint the mouthpiece with molasses or honey and offer it to him. Let him lick and then take it away. Go through this a few times and he will start reaching for it. Just check that your bit fits well, it has no sharp areas on it and don't let anyone bridle who can't insert the bit cleanly. I will also echo the question, why do you need so much bit?

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