Why do I sleep better when my friend (a girl) says good night via text?

2016-04-26 05:19
We have been texting for a week now. And when ever she says "Good night [my name] ;)" Why do I sleep better?? She didn't say good night to me last night because she was busy, but I stayed up until 2am then finally sleep got the best of me. Why do I sleep better????? please tell me!!
You probably like her.
Because you feel better knowing that she cares about you (awwww). It's like a homeless person has trouble sleeping because he/she has nobody to encourage them and give them a reason to wake up in the morning. Sounds like you like this girl, so you sleep better knowing that she cares for you. When she doesn't say goodnight, you feel that she has abandoned you, so the sadness or forgetfulness of the situation makes you worry, which can lead to stress, which keeps you from sleeping.
I think its in your head. When someone says good night you think of going to sleep and having a peaceful slumber

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