Could I be pregnant ?

2016-04-21 19:52
I'm 14 and I know it's early to have sex but me and my boyfriend have been together for over a year the first time my boyfriend and I tried around a month or two ago but it didn't work his p***** didn't go in but we didnt use protection. then on the 18th of November we used a condom and that's when I lose my virginity .. Is it possible I could be pregnant . He said I shouldn't worry but I'm freaking out its all ie been thinking about .. And I haven't gotten my period when I should have already by now
Just wait a little longer before u start worrying about it,
I depends ,how old r u?
The period delay can be to a number of things, such as stress, medication or pregnancy. Since you used protection and it can break, it would be important to take a pregnancy test and determine for sure if you are pregnant. Learn more from and

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