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2016-04-21 02:40
So there's this guy, and I've only been dating him for like 2 weeks. we were friends but now that we're dating I really don't like it. I really don't wanna break up with him and ruin or friendship but I don't feel the same way towards him. What do I say?
let him down easy. and tell him how you feel. after that wait a little bit and im sure you all will become friends again in due time. i have that same exact problem!
Explain that to him, not us. You two would figure it out better.
If you were his friend you'd know it's important to tell the truth. He'll understand if he's your friend, too.
Be honest and tell him the truth. What kind of friend goes on lying about something like that?
Be Honest Cause If You Dont Tell Him it Make It Worst
DONT say a dang thing. If you usually kiss him, stop, don't cut cold turkey just start pecking his cheek. If you hold hands do it less and less. Like a mother does a child, ween him off. Eventually you will just be friends again, without a single word being spoken. If he brings it up act like nothing is wrong and he will decide if he wants to remain your friend or because he is no longer your boyfriend he will choose on his own to cut it off. Therefore you dont hurt his feelings and have the chance of STILL BEING FRIENDS.
Most relations end cuz there is no communication between the couple. Tell him straight out and try to find a solution together

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