So...should i feel guilty?

2016-04-20 23:52
at lunch this girl comes up to me, shuves a cupcake in my face, calls me emo, and runs away. before she could get away i pulled her back, punched her, then gave her a black eye, yelled i hate school, then ran into the bathroom. i don't give a crap of what she did, but its just that it was at that one moment when everyone was looking so it pissed me off. i feel bad about it, and i know it wassnt the right thing to do, but i just don't know if she deserved it or not. all of the popular kids were up to it and it just bothered me that people make fun of me and think they can get away with it. i never got in trubble. but i didn't get in trouble for a reason! it wassnt my fault she made me mad! should i be right to have this feeling? should i say I'm sorry?what should i feel?
I think you should apologize for giving her the black eye, but that you should make it quite clear that your not sorry for the reason you did it. High school sucks, and I highly doubt she'll apologize, but it couldn't hurt to let her know that what she said really pissed you off and was totally unnecessary.
you should apologize but she was being rude and you shouldnt feel guilty

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