How do you communicate verbally using correct grammar?

2016-04-20 15:51
i just dont understand this how do you explain this to someone this really has me stumped can someone please help
You are supposed to be very composed when doing this and ensure you use some polite language. Place all the tenses and phrases where required. The tone is also important to determine the difference between a question and an answer.
Language is not static. It changes. Communication is about understanding and being understood, so following a list of very strict rules is not that important. The reason it's most important to learn the rules of grammar is when you are learning another language. If you are trying to explain grammar to someone learning English, but you have never learned another language yourself, this will be difficult, perhaps impossible.
Dang dude stay in school nope scratch that. Go to school and pay attention. Stop listening to just Rap. Try to learn a word and its meaning preferred by Webster every day .

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