Sometimes I can't move, talk, or open my eyes when trying to wake up?

2016-04-20 05:34
Okay so sometimes when I'm having a nightmare or an unusual dream, I try to wake up. But then I can't move, talk, or open my eyes. Sooner or later I wake up. Is this normal? :o

This really only happens on the weekends or days when I sleep in late or go to bed really late.
Just shut your eyes for a few minutes and then you'll wake up in your dream try to jump off something in your dream to wake up but be careful and try to make sure your just dreaming so you don't kill yourself and take melatonin that sometimes helps me sleep sometimes.
This occurs because when you dream you body secretes a chemical that paralyses you when you go through certain phases of sleep if it didn't everyone would sleep walk! Your body just has the amount of the chemical mixed up but it means you are being well rested. But this is normal for sleep most people cant force themselves to wake up in this faze but it seems you can but everyone is different!
A night mare works like an alarm, when you have experience them, they make you see dangers that you are not seeing. Maybe during the time you are dreaming, you are normally witness things happening through visual memories and they are always reorganized during sleep.

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